Services that Specialised Fitness provide:

1-2-1 Personal Training

Group Sessions

Online Coaching

Nutrition Advice

In order to achieve your objective I will provide you with:


Together we will set clear and achievable monthly objectives. If these are not met then collectively we will assess how we can progress.

Habits & behavioral analysis

In partnership we will look at your habits and behavior to see how this impacts your lifestyle. Together we can look at whether your current habits are supporting your goal.

Nutritional bi-weekly check in

We will assess how we can make improvements to your diet without taking out all of the foods you enjoy. We are aiming for a sustainable long-term change and not something that happens over a month, which is why we need to make sure it fits in with you!


My aim is to provide you with a new approach to nutrition, behavior and training. I know full well that our relationship as a coach and trainee will not last forever which is why I want to bust those myths and provide you with scientific facts that will allow you to come away from our relationship in a better position than you entered.

Suggested minimum two sessions per week

A suitable and specific programme that will be tailored towards your needs. The more 1:2:1 contact we have in the early stages the easier it is to build a relationship that will be the stepping stone to you achieving your goal.

Individual monthly programme

In conjunction with the personal training sessions I will provide you with a detailed training plan to do outside of our 1:2:1 time. This is to fit your lifestyle as well as get you learning more about exercise.

Full seven-day support

I am on hand seven days a week to help you with any questions. This could relate to your training, shopping lists or even questions relating to going out with friends for dinner. Remember that life needs to be enjoyed and you will not need me forever, which is why I want to give you the support that will sustainably provide you with a long-term solution.

Referral scheme

For referring new clients you will also receive a free session. This works only if the new client buys a block session.

To celebrate your birthday you will get one free session during the week of your birthday.